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01 January 2012

Goals for 2012

Goals for 2012
By Elder Heath

Final Revised January 1, 20121. Get up by 6:30 every morning
2. Study for 1 hour or more
3. Keep my room clean
4. Take up laundry every morning
5. Make bed each day except Mondays (see #6)
6. Take up pillow covers & sheets on Mondays
7. Go to library on Mondays except when it's closed then figure an alternative day.
8. Continue to attend District Meetings & Zone Conferences
9. Attend Sunday meetings
10. Get to bed by 10:30 every evening
11. Write in journal every evening
12. Go on team ups every month
13. Attend Zone P-Day when I am able to
14. Do service as often as I'm available
15. Put in at least 20 hours a week
16. E-Mail my weekly report Every Sunday night

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